Latest Scores: November 10th, 2018

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426 23

Brutal Beauties vs Bombshells, Runaway Brides vs Doomsday Valkyries Photos, Season 14

Congratulations to the Brutal Beauties and the Runaway Brides for their victories! It was an exciting night of banked track roller derby, with tough hits by tough skaters. Check out some of the photos below, and the videos of the live stream if you missed the bout.

Brutal Beauties vs Bombshells Photos

Runaway Brides vs Doomsday Valkyries Photos

AZDD Inspire: Coaching Young Female Athletes

Our very own Minor Assaults have their own organization. If you know a skater between the ages of 10-18, have them check out AZDD Inspire!

Coaching Young Female Athletes Into Tomorrow’s Leaders

The mission of AZDD Inspire, a non-profit organization, is to mentor young female athletes through the sport of Banked Track Roller Derby. Adult skaters and volunteers will promote sportsmanship, healthy habits, leadership, and volunteerism, in girls ages 10 – 18.

Youth skaters will be empowered with physical fitness, mental toughness, and adaptability. Through mentorship, skaters will be taught the value and power of teamwork. These self-confident girls will participate in volunteer activities to enrich their community.

For more information, visit