#5.7L WarGirl

Doomsday Valkyries


Hot Shots

Who was she before the bombs dropped and destroyed what was left of our already crumbling society? Does it really matter? I suppose if you must know… WarGirl absolutely adores skating and is always encouraging others to start in on the fun but great exercise.

She took any chance to practice her skills and constantly timed herself to see if she was getting faster, stronger, and more effective. As a young lass, she was always playing with dinosaur toys and would dig huge holes in her backyard much to her parents’ dismay, to see if she could discover anything.

So it was only natural that when she decided to take the plunge into college that she went for something she loved. WarGirl was going to school full time to complete a doctorates degree in paleontology. She hoped to work with fossils from the Mesozoic era and go on a number of digs around the world before settling down in a museum to help preserve fossils and artifacts.

But now that what’s left of the earth is in shambles, she scours the wastes with her team looking to be the best she can be. She loves jamming and still pushes herself to be better, better than the best so she may enter the halls of Valhalla, shiny and chrome.

Her name is a mash up of Tank Girl and War Boy as she loves both movies. Her number is a pledge to just how much of a nerd and geek she is. “32.33 repeating of course chance of survival.”