#999 VooDoo Child

VooDoo Child started off as any other child. Born in muddy banks of Louisiana, she was a free spirit, whom would quickly wander off and find herself lost for hours in the bogs and muck perfectly happy.

One day, on a particularly dark and foggy evening her parents still hadn’t found her, she discovered a part she had never been to. It had an almost magical quality, but with a very dark overcast. Out of no where some gator hunters approached and took the carefree child. She was left for dead.

Just when she was about to pass on to the next world a kindly looking old woman was upon her. The woman whispered something into her ear and in her last breath the child said, “I would like to move so fast it would seem I was floating on the swamp.”

Now this child was never seen or heard from again, but from time to time when the old woman needs errands to be ran a spirit was there to help her, moving so quickly she was practically unseeable. When the old women passed the spirit child took a new form, a ghoulish form and roamed the swamps at her leisure. She quickly sought revenge on the gator hunters, and in doing so caught the attention of a pack of roller derby ghouls looking for some speed. And so the VooDoo Child had found a new family.