Skeletina’s story starts out as most young ladies do. While she was extremely pretty she was often made fun of for being an egg head and an all around smartie pants. She was extremely motivated to get straight A’s and her appearance often suffered despite her natural beauty.

One day, before prom, some of the popular girls took interest in her, and while she was suspicious, she quickly relaxed. Skeletina was overjoyed that someone was helping her with beauty makeup, and not only interested in her college prospects. As they were doing up her hair and makeup she finally felt accepted by her peers, and felt like a normal young lady her age.

That night as she walked in to the dance, proud of her make over, she was quickly met with sneers and snickers, which then quickly evolved into laughs and name calling. Unsure as to why the crowd had turn so violently on her, she rushed back to her happy place, the chemistry lab, and in doing so she passed a mirror that quickly reviled the her dress was not only tucked into her panties, but also had an unflattering drawing of her as an egg on her back. She quickly realized that it was all a big practical joke!!!

She felt so foolish and as she ran into the chemistry lab, blinded by her tears she accidentally knocked some chemicals to the ground, as the glass beakers of various chemicals broke on the ground they soon exploded right in her face. Knocked unconscious by the blast, she soon woke up to a terrible scream. The janitor had found her lifeless body and destroyed face and became horrified.

She didn’t feel any pain, but she also didn’t feel a pulse. She slowly picked herself up off the floor and found a mirror. She was momentarily shocked but quickly grew to like her new look, beauty on one half, the cold dead bones of a skeleton on the other.

A murderous rage suddenly fell upon her, and she found her way back to the gym to exact revenge on the popular girls. In the aftermath of the monstrous bloodbath, she found herself alone again, but not for long. Off in the distance she heard a strange foreign sound of rolling and clicking roller skates. Soon the Coffin Draggers were upon her, picking her up and putting skates on her. “We like your style,” they sang with approval as they skated off into the night.