We are so excited to launch our AZDD SKATE GUIDE!

With the recent resurgence in Roller Skating during quarantine, the Arizona Derby Dames street crew have created a skate guide for YOU! The guide is meant to help skaters find the best trails and destinations to skate around the greater Phoenix area!

Like many we have turned to skating the streets and trails to fill our need to be active and be on our beloved skates. With this came the frustrations of finding “good spots” to skate long distances with enjoyable views, so clearly the solution was to discover them and share our findings with our community!

We hope this skate guide will provide our ever growing skating community a tool to experience new and enjoyable locations to lace up your skates and roll out!

The guide has over 10 destinations and a legend to help discern things like difficulty levels, parking, pet friendly, and terrain.

The guide is free to download and the links included lead to things inside the guide.

In efforts to continue our #saveourspace campaign, this skate guide was created with fundraising in mind. Suggested donation is $10 but ever dollar counts so all donations are greatly appreciated! Donate through our 501c3.