#97 Rigama Roo

Roo was an adventurous girl, known to her inner circle of friends for her competitive nature. It was that same competitive nature that got her in trouble. She and her friends had gone cliff diving at the local lake, the summer norm where she grew up in Oregon. But being the feisty girl she was, Roo always had to climb just a little higher.

Her friends cheered her on. From on top of the highest peak yet she smiled, jumped and spun so she was headed head first into the water. What she didn’ realize was that the water was low for the season, she hit the water and split her head open on a rock, knocking her unconscious. Her friends, fearing the worst, abandoned the scene.

Luckily for Roo, a Coffin Dragger was lurking in the shadows, enjoying the cool weather in the Northwest, she saw potential in the girl and pulled her from the water and into the shadows to fix the young girl. Upon waking up, the Draggers put skates on Roo, and invited her to a whole new world of competition, Roller Derby.