Season 14 Championship Photos

Congratulations to the Runaway Brides on their championship victory over the Schoolyard Scrappers! The bout was exciting, with a strong start by the Scrappers, who held the score close well into the third quarter. The Brides emerged as the winner with a score of 132 – 99. Our Minor Assaults had a mashup bout to […]

AZDD Supports Be the Match

Be The Match has been helping people with leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases that require a blood or bone marrow transplant. They take their bone marrow and blood registry, and match donors up with people in need to save lives. They also have been doing extensive research into cures. AZDD is asking that you go […]

Roll Play, by Robrt L. Pela, Phoenix New Times

We’re headed into the championships this weekend! If you read the Phoenix New Times, you might’ve found an article featuring some of the Scrappers, Brides, and Regulators, by Robrt L. Pela. If you haven’t, click the link to check it out!

Chingadera: AZDD vs LADD Highlights

Check out this awesome highlights clip from Chingadera 2019, when our Hot Shots beat the L.A. Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes, 136-112. Thanks to SenorPooPoo for creating this great video!

Season 14 Playoff Photos

Congratulations to the Runaway Brides and the Schoolyard Scrappers! Their victories will take them to the championships for Season 14, on Saturday, May 4th. Check out these photos of the exciting playoff action that brought these teams to the coveted bout.

AZDD Supports one-n-ten and the LGBTQ community

Established in 1993, one-n-ten is the only non-profit organization in Arizona with the explicit mission to serve LGBTQ+ youth, and is committed to improving their quality of life. one-n-ten envisions a world where all LGBTQ+ youth and young adults (ages 11-24) are embraced for who they are, actively engaged in their communities, and empowered to […]

It’s Happening… ATacolypse!

After the carnage on the banked track, the Doomsday Valkyries want to celebrate season 14 with ATacolypse! These dames invite you to Boycott Bar for a great night of tacos, music, tacos, raffle prizes, tacos, cool merch, and tacos! Boycott Bar is the #1 LGBT spot in Phoenix, and the Valkyries will roll in from […]