After 11 years of skating, I have officially hung up my skates (seriously, I mean it this time). And just to make the year even more emotional, I am rotating off of the Board of Directors in September.

When I planned this all out, I didn’t quite take into consideration that giving up everything at the same time would be so scary and depressing. The league became somewhat of a child for me – I had a hand in raising and nurturing it over the last 10 years and now I’m sending that child off to college. I guess this is what empty nest syndrome feels like, or maybe a reverse mid-life crisis.

What does one do when they relinquish responsibilities? Me, I find new responsibilities to take on. If you have worked with me before, you know I love to write — a lot. My emails are rarely short and sweet. I try to be crystal clear and thorough, sometimes overly thorough.

So… I have combined my love of writing with my love of derby and created this blog. My goal will be to provide witty commentary on topics such as our skaters, refs, sponsors, volunteers, food trucks and anyone else I want to single out and watch them cringe, wondering what I will say.

I also hope to have tournament recaps for our Hot Shots and even our Minor Assaults – you know, those badass junior skaters that most of the adult league are too afraid to skate against. Basically I’m going to be selfish and keep myself integrated within the league by monopolizing a part of the website and social media.

No one will be off limits (Prima, I’m coming for you someday soon for an interview). However, I will write from my heart about the wonderful family that this league has become, and hopefully find a few fans who enjoy reading about the people who help make this league successful.

On that note, welcome to the Director’s Log and peace out til next time.