#6553 Devotchka DeLarge

Devotchka DeLarge was born into a family of sociopaths. Her father Alex, a former prison inmate and droogen leader, was obsessed with ultra violence and Ludwig Van Beethoven (particularly the ninth symphony). Her mother was an infamous serial killer.

Growing up, Devotchka was not like the other children. She spoke NADSAT and drank lots of milk spiked with synthemesc. She was forced to create her own toys which were fabricated from remains of her mother and father’s victims. She grew up listening to Beethoven while watching her parents mercilessly torture and murder their pray.

One day her parents had snatched the wrong victim. A gruesome woman they had seen skating in the middle of the night. Thinking no one would miss the woman, she was taken as their next victim. The woman, Lora Stabs, brutally murdered her attackers as Devotchka looked on. Instead of bestowing the same fate granted to her parents, Lora Stabs asked Devotchka to join the Coffin Draggers. Devotchka readily accepted the offer. Her skates are made from the remains of her parents.