Deadlee Limbz

Abandoned at a convent when she was just a wee infant, DeadLee Limbz grew up with a very conflicting childhood. Being raised by nuns was very structured as you can imagine.

Her daily routine of praying and church going became very mundane as she grew up. Little by little her deviant, devilish self emerged.

One day, Limbz decided to go explore the town outside the convent. She needed a little excitement.

She ran into a group of girls from another sisterhood, called the Derby Dames. They were a super cool group of girls that spent most of their time playing roller derby. Limbz sat there and watched them play in amazement.


The aggression, speed, and strength of these girls was nothing like she had ever experienced! As she watched, she began having the urge to join them. Limbz dreamed of speeding around the track like the other girls.

More and more she wanted to skate. She kept saying, I will be a derby player — someday. She needed it; it was like a drug addiction.

Eventually, her dream came true when the Dames asked her to skate with them. After that moment, Limbz began skating every free moment she had. She would sneak out in the middle of the night, skip meals, and ditch church.

She couldn’t get enough! She became envious of the freedom the other girls had. She wanted their lives.

There came a time when Limbz was at a crossroad in her life-Should leave the convent to be with the Derby Dames or stay with the nuns who raised her since she was a baby? If she didn?t act fast, the girls would continue on their way without her.

One day, after committing quite a few sins, the nuns punished Limbz and grounded her from skating. She became quite angry.

The cravings she had to play derby were unbearable and had to be fulfilled. Unable to resist, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “You nuns can’t keep me from fulfilling my dream of hitting, jumping, and whipping around the track!” 

Limbz packed up her things and left the convent right then and there.And so it was — Deadlee Limbz became an Arizona Derby Dame.