#0-60 Carla Dang

The journey of this Scrapper started at the track. After her arm candy took her to a bout, he informed her that she could never do anything like that.

Now, a wildfire doesn’t start from a clap of thunder. It starts with a bolt of lightning. This was her bolt of lightning and the thunder that resonated across the skies was unlike any that had ever been heard. It wasn’t long until she strapped on her first pair of skates and made her way down that road.

Now, I’m not a god fearin’ man, but I’m here to tell you that there has yet to be a man, woman, or child who could stop the force of Carla Dang once she gets out there.

Once those thick heavy clouds begin to gather across the Arizona deserts you know you’re in for a show. Personally, I’m not there to see how far those bolts of lightning streak across the sky. I’m eager to see how deep that thunder rolls.

Consider this your warning; you’ll do well to keep off that path once you hear the roar of Carla Dang.