#11-16 Becker Wrecker

Doomsday Valkyries


When the only way out is through, Becker Wrecker is the woman for the job. Becker never starts a fight, but she can break one up with ease, and doesn’t hesitate to dive into even the stickiest of situations to help out her friends. She’s got a kind heart and a strong spirit that can take any hit.

In her youth, you could always find Becker jamming out at concert halls and crowded parties, ducking and weaving as close as she could get to theaction. In the mosh pit and on the track, she’s a tiny, mighty force of nature that gets knocked down and keeps on fighting.

Becker once traveled to the Japanese seaside, where she fell in with a sisterhood of pearl divers who searched the sea for treasure by day, and strapped on their skates at night. With her mermaid sisters, she learned to hold her breath when the tide is high, and plunge straight through to reach her goals. The crowded rush-hour trains of Tokyo are no match for her ability to squeeze through any tight spot!

Becker Wrecker’s derby birthday is July 28th, in the heat of the desert summer. She got her name from a wandering poet on the streets of Harajuku, whom she helped crowd surf to a coffee shop. She skates under the standard of her lifelong mentor, who always told her she can get through anything.