#7.34 Anniemal Style

After 25 years of nothing but art and music I knew I needed a new hobby. I left the local rock band I played with for many years and I felt a huge hole in my life. Never before had I considered playing contact sports, but many friends of mine were involved with AZDD and they were confident I would fall in love with the sport.

Little did I know how much derby would impact me from there on out. It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks I’ve ever attempted. The women I have met since joining influence me in many aspects of my life as they are incredibly empowering and encouraging. I met them at a point in my life when I really needed a friend, and I ended up with an entire league. How lucky is that? 

When I’m not at derby: I’m a thrift store enthusiast, I like to draw and paint stuff, my cat is my BFF, I will always go to breakfast with you, Harry Potter is my jam.