#5150 Allie Bye

Brutal Beauties


Awards: 2013/2014 (Season 9) Rookie of the Year – Coffin Draggers

Raised by her mob boss father, Allie Bye learned at a young age what her role was to provide iron clad alibis for members of the mob that found themselves in sticky situations. At the age of 16, Allie was kidnapped by a rival mob for getting them convicted of crimes and getting members of her own mob off. For two years, she was tortured for information about her mob family, but she refused to talk. Frustrated, the kidnappers cut off her tongue, and released her into the streets.

When Allie was found by the police, she was wandering the streets, bloody and alone, and she would not explain what happened. She wanted revenge on the rival mob members who kidnapped her. The police deemed her as a danger to herself and others, and placed her into a mental facility on a 5150 hold. It was here that she became friends with a nurse, IV Overdose, who introduced her to what would become her new family, the Coffin Draggers.

It is said that once a month, IV helps Allie escape the mental facility to join the Coffin Draggers. This is where Allie seeks her revenge on the track.